Wide Format Solutions

The KIP series comprises a comprehensive range of wide format solutions for a variety of printing tasks spanning architectural, engineering, and construction documents to maps, posters, signs, and photo enlargements, without sacrificing quality or performance. Making ultra high-quality wide format printing more cost effective and reliable than ever before, the KIP systems help enterprises save time and money.


    Hybrid wide format printer - Printing on flexible roll-to-roll media as well as on rigid materials for premium margin applications

    H1625 LED 8-Level greyscale variable drop technology for photographic image quality


KIP 2300

KIP 7170

KIP 720

KIP 7570

KIP 7580

KIP 7590

KIP 770

KIP 7970

KIP 7980

KIP 7990

KIP 850

KIP 860

KIP 870

KIP 880

KIP 890

KIP 940

KIP 970

KIP 980

KIP 990