Будущее интеллектуальной обработки счетов уже наступило

Propel your whole organisation towards efficient management with automated financial processes.

Don’t settle for workarounds

Successful businesses nowadays rely heavily on effective management, and its ability to acquire reliable information in a timely manner. This includes one of the core business processes and it’s the ability to process incoming invoices. Swiftly and accurately.

Every so often, businesses struggle with this segment namely because they still rely on paper-intensive, manual, and repetitive work. 
And the result?

Tedious work, sluggish document and invoice processing, hours wasted, and your accounts payable department making more errors and faulty reports due to incorrect figures. Even if companies receive more digital invoices, they are still printed out and filed as paper copies, which almost always leads to inefficient handling of paper content. You understand that’s no way for accounts payable to function if you want to see any real results, don’t you? 

For all management novices out there, let’s look at the numbers a moment for a few more insights. Research from AIIM shows that on average, it takes almost 9 days to process an invoice, at a cost of over €8 per invoice.  

Invoice processing

Invoice processing

Digital invoice management

With digital invoice management by Konica Minolta, you can capture all incoming invoices, ensuring they are all mapped correctly in your system. All relevant invoice details, such as consignment, invoice numbers, etc., are automatically processed, checked, and captured using text recognition and intelligent algorithms. This means all your invoices are safely stored, and can always be accessed from the convenience of your workstation. In addition to this, all those captured invoices are instantly forwarded to the departments in charge. Sound helpful?

Konica Minolta invoice processing solutions offer stress-free integration into existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. In the end, it’s all about reducing manual handling of invoices, avoiding errors, decreasing the time needed to processes invoices, and cutting the cost of invoice processing itself. 

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Konica Minolta Printing Hardware

Want the ultimate in digital print production performance? You just found it. Konica Minolta’s Production Printing and Office hardware are industry benchmarks, with devices offering revolutionary colour image quality, ultra-high-speed black-and-white output, pro-quality inline finishing options to meet your complex job specifications, and more. Regardless of the size or area of specialisation of your company, our print hardware lets you build up your printing infrastructure, manage digital content, put in place state-of-the-art measuring instruments, and explore other solutions designed to change your workflow beyond recognition.

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Konica Minolta Software Products

Explore the countless different ways in which Konica Minolta software products could improve your operations. Konica Minolta solves the problems of your company, matches different working styles, and offers software solutions meeting the needs of your industry. By prioritising your needs at all times, Konica Minolta meets the software requirements of even the most demanding global organisations. Using the system, you can keep a lid on the cost of any printed or copied output, create advanced security measures to ensure sensitive documents don’t fall into unauthorised hands, and more.

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Always at your Service

Our experienced, knowledgeable specialist staff will answer any questions you may have, and show you how to operate your product. Our services function for your benefit, within a support system designed to ensure you and your company benefit fully from the solutions. We offer a range of different services, including optimised print services to combine your consulting; hardware and software implementation; workflow management to lower your document spending; and smart security services, to keep your business safe.

Будущее интеллектуальной обработки счетов уже наступило

Будущее интеллектуальной обработки счетов уже наступило

With so many capturing and document management solutions developed by Konica Minolta, any organisation can now harness the power of Accounts Payable invoice processing automation. Most importantly, solutions for invoice processing reduce errors and ensure transparency, eliminating operational bottlenecks – while also staying compliant. 

No matter how invoices arrive at your organisation, whether in paper form or as e-mail attachments, an AP automation solution captures, organises and delivers those invoices, using comprehensive workflow and routing options, to the right people – fast. 




Automated workflows that streamline time-consuming manual tasks.


Instant access to invoices awaiting processes. No more lengthy internal searches for invoices in paper form – so you can access your invoices anytime, anywhere. 


Mobile technology that allows invoice authorisation on the go, so invoices can be authorised by the relevant people wherever they are.


Real-time invoice validation to detect errors faster, resolve issues and improve relationships with vendors and suppliers. 


Structured digital capturing of all incoming invoices. 

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