Smart Cloud Services

What if your office devices were as flexible as your phone?

Enhanced productivity and connectivity for all your IoT devices

Rapid development in online technology and increasingly complex demands from customers have transformed smartphones and tablets into highly flexible, intuitive devices with once-unimaginable computing powers in the space of a few years.

Nowadays, with a few simple steps, Smart Cloud Services let you organisation download an app that will not just tailor your smartphone to your organisation’s individual needs, but also efficiently manage your finances, edit photos, let you access cloud services and more. And with Konica Minolta, you will benefit from this new-found scope and flexibility in your personal life – and the world of business.

Smart Cloud Services

Smart Cloud Services

Enjoy the benefits of cloud technology

Use Smart Cloud Services to your advantage. Konica Minolta offers your organisation applications for its devices that will meet every one of its needs. All you need do is to deploy apps to your Konica Minolta devices – regardless of location – to enjoy the benefits of cloud technology that requires neither extensive maintenance nor additional infrastructure. Dedicated smartcloud apps can run either directly on the device or in the cloud, saving you time, effort and money.

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Workplace Hub

With Workplace Hub, you can let your company grow and gain competitive advantage! It gives you the freedom and flexibility to add exactly the functionality your business requires, and to work in an easy, secure way – adjusting technology to your workflow as you go by choosing applications for your Workplace Hub tailored specifically to your needs. Konica Minolta’s Smart Cloud Services also let you manage any licensing and installation issues.

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Konica Minolta MarketPlace

Konica Minolta MarketPlace provides an easy way to browse, purchase, and download apps designed specifically for your MFP system. Similar to mobile devices - but specifically for the business needs of our customers - you can access the apps available here directly from the MFP control panel.You can view a company announcement, access a library of forms / templates, scan to and download Microsoft SharePoint - while maintaining the optimal workflow you can rely on with Konica Minolta.

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Installation, Configuration Service & User Training

If you think your company might benefit from Konica Minolta’s Smart Cloud Services, our dedicated team will guide you through the process of AD, LDAP or server connection setup, as well as installing the apps. You’ll be given professional user training in how to distribute and maintain your applications and services. The support we offer is clear and easy to understand – before long, you’ll wonder how you ever worked without your apps and smartcloud services!