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Indoor Air Quality

As a measure of the cleanliness of air within offices and its potential impact on the personal health and comfort of those using the space, Indoor Air Quality is a vital issue in improving levels of health and well-being overall. Konica Minolta is committed to actively improving the working environment of its customers and creating space for them to focus on their core competencies. Safety and effectiveness are key measures of Konica Minolta's air cleaning solutions, and the company has developed dedicated filters for different office systems, ensuring high emissions reduction while maintaining airflow in the devices involved. Customers can also improve their own Indoor Air Quality, a key factor in the levels of health, comfort and productivity of staff. 


Indoor Air Quality

The air we breathe is closely linked to our health and wellbeing –  and the air at our place of work is likely to affect our comfort and productivity. Konica Minolta is committed to improving people’s working environments in whichever way possible, for instance by offering sustainable and effective solutions that help our customers improve the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) of their working space by reducing emissions.

Universal Design

Konica Minolta's Universal Design means the company's devices are designed in such a way that they incorporate issues of usability, accessibility, handling and style. This makes it easy and efficient for our products to be used by people with a physical disability or visual impairment. 
Our customers benefit from providing an inclusive working environment that is accessible to anyone, regardless of their age, body size or special needs. Our products are easy to reach, simple to operate, and logical in both design and convenience. This makes it possible for our customers to enhance the level of diversity amongst their staff. 

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Social Innovation
Konica Minolta proactively addresses the challenges involved in global sustainability by incorporating state-of-the-art digital technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics into its core technologies. The company is working to transform its business so that it focuses on providing solutions to pressing global issues. This transformation not only contributes to achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), but also helps enrich the lives of the individuals who make up society.

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Gender diversity in the IT business
Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe collaborates with an NGO to run a capacity-building project supporting women building careers in the IT industry. The project aims to attract, select and support women and girls in the IT business, with the goal of helping them access the job market, learn the basics, find a job, or found a start-up. Initially launched in the Czech Republic in August 2015, the project was expanded to include Germany the following year, and has also been set up in Poland and Austria in the past financial year.

Sustainability Services

Konica Minolta is committed to sustainability. We also support our customers as they work to achieve their sustainability goals. See below for further details of our sustainability services.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air is perceived as being directly linked to better health and wellbeing. The quality of our indoor environment can affect both comfort and productivity. Konica Minolta is committed to improving its customers' individual work environments by offering sustainable, effective solutions that help our customers optimise the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in their working space. The benefits of this include:

  • Lets Konica Minolta monitor and improve air quality, so you can concentrate on core skills
  • Maximises your efficiency in reducing emissions
  • Specifically designed for Konica Minolta devices
  • Lasts a lifetime (of the device), so no need for exchange or replacement

Konica Minolta collaborates with a wide range of reliable and competent project partners to provide dedicated filter devices for different office systems, ensuring high emissions reduction. Filter solutions, measured by Blue Angel certifications, reduce copier particle emissions by up to 98%.

  • The Standard Air Cleaning Unit
    • Reduces emissions by at least 90%
    • Already standard in latest Konica Minolta devices
  • The Optional Air Cleaning Unit
    • Reduces emissions by between 82% and 97%
    • Two different filters used for Konica Minolta devices



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