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Disposal Programs

Konica Minolta is operating collection and recycling programs tailored to specific countries, their markets, and legislative requirements. Konica Minolta's national operating companies carry out individual solutions for the collection and recycling of the consumables.

In Europe, the company has adopted measures in conformity with the EU Directive on the disposal of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE II). 

Besides, Konica Minolta is operating a B2C system, the free-of-charge recovery and recycling of used toner cartridges for laser printers (Konica Minolta Magicolor and PagePro devices) in 18 European countries.

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Eco Calculator

The Eco Calculator from Konica Minolta is a web-based tool measuring exactly how much paper is used in office printing. This lets the customer evaluate the environmental savings its printer fleet has the potential to generate, and subsequently reduce its environmental impact by changing to Konica Minolta. 

Further details of the Eco Calculator.


Konica Minolta office devices can be programmed in the ways shown below to ensure they use resources responsibly. Our customers benefit from system settings designed to reduce their environmental impact further still. 


  1. Duplex: Double-sided printing and copying
  2. N-up: Positioning of a selected number of pages on one sheet
  3. Combination print & copy jobs: Combining print and copy jobs can reduce paper and energy consumption
  4. Print preview: Precise preview function on PC screen with XPS Print Preview Driver to prevent printing errors
  5. Proof print: Produces a single test page, or set of pages, to check for mistakes before printing or copying the whole job
  6. Blank page removal: Prevents blank pages from being printed
  7. Overlay function: Enables letterhead printing; if changes are made, the stored file is updated quickly and easily, avoiding large quantities of pre-printed company stationery
  8. Public box: Stores public documents needing to be updated frequently, allowing easy access and editing before large quantities are printed
  9. Personal box/Follow-me printing: Collecting print and copy jobs in the personal box avoids jobs from being printed that are not eventually picked up; follow-me printing also avoids frequent reheating cycles
  10. User & Cost Management: Central software that calculates print costs and notifies users of the costs incurred as a result of this particular print job using a pop-up window; this can increase user's awareness of print costs, and prevent careless or non-ecological print behaviour



Use of recycled materials in products
Up to 88% of our office devices' outer cases contain recycled materials (PET bottles). Up to 40% of our toner bottles are made of recycled milk bottles. Konica Minolta eventually aims to use recycled materials in all its toner production worldwide, going from the current figure of 25% to 100% in future.

Environmental-friendly paper recycling
When recycling paper, it is essential that any toner can be removed from the paper easily. The German association INGEDE e.V., which has a presence across Europe, recognises that the Simitri® HD toner used in Konica Minolta's production printing systems has a very high level of deinkability. This ensures print professionals can be certain they are not printing at the expense of the environment, whilst benefiting from outstanding deinking properties at the same time. In this way, they contribute further to closing the paper loop and recycling, and help reduce water pollution. 



The issue of biodiversity is addressed under the Green Factory Certification System. One sample project has been initiated by employees of Konica Minolta Business Solutions France S.A.S., who have installed six beehives on the roof of the company offices. Revenue from sales of the honey is donated to a range of charity projects, while the bees contribute naturally to preserving biodiversity.

Le Marathon Vert
Konica Minolta Business Solutions France S.A.S. has been a key sponsor of the "Marathon Vert" (Green Marathon), which helps with reforestation in Ethiopia, since it was first launched in 2011. In 2016, the event made it possible to plant over 115,000 trees in Ethiopia.