Get smart: find your files in seconds rather than hours

Tired of wasting time searching for specific documents?

Smart Search

A 2015 survey by Info Trends, "Capture and Workflow Trends in Europe" revealed that the number of inbound digital documents is increasing at 66 percent of organisations. Just imagine having to rummage through all those disparate documents in search of a single list or file: it's a nightmare. So let us change this for you today – with Konica Minolta's smart search solution!

Increase your productivity with fast, one-click retrieval of searched content

The flood of information and data we are confronted with today is greater than ever. This makes it increasingly difficult for knowledge workers to quickly find the information they require. Lengthy searches for specific documents can quickly turn into a time-consuming and costly liability that drains manpower, and will eventually have a negative impact on your company’s competitiveness.

An enterprise search solution gives you and your team instant access precisely to what you are looking for – just type your keywords in the search bar and access content and information from numerous different databases and applications across your business. No matter where the information you’re looking for resides – in e-mail attachments, scanned documents, on SharePoint sites, your company intranet, or across departmental application silos – this out-of-the-box solution locates and retrieves any type of data, in any format, from any repository

Information Managament Survey Results with enterprise search information

Discover Konica Minolta's smart search solution - dokoni FIND!

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Get smart: find your files in seconds rather than hours

Get smart: find your files in seconds rather than hours

What is a 'smart search' solution, sometimes referred to as an 'enterprise search' solution, and how will it benefit your company? Konica Minolta's smart search solution is designed to give you quick, easy access to all data at your enterprise – whenever you want, wherever you are. Smart search solutions insert a virtualised content layer on top of existing data silos, extracting 300 compatible popular file formats from the data stores of connected companies, regardless of structure and the compatible application or location. And all in real time. 

Single point of acces

Log in just once and simultaneously search with the keywords of your choice across dozens of different data repositories. 

Total visibility

Powerful OCR technology allows you to search deep inside each file precisely for your required content.

Works the way you do

You don’t need to adopt new methods for saving and tagging. Just leave files and data where they currently reside - the solution will find and index your data, no matter where it’s hiding.

Incorporates external file stores

Incorporates external file stores

No need to migrate your content

The Konica Minolta enterprise search software indexes everything right where it is

Secure access only to authorised documents

Complies with whatever security scheme your company has in place

SSP AG - search across all programs and platforms with dokoni FIND

The SSP AG is one of the leading Integrated Design studios in Germany with around 120 architects, engineers and industry experts. SSP were looking for a tool that enables them to search across all programs and different file formats and found with dokoni FIND from Konica Minolta a suitable solution.

Success story

Arcasa Arkitekter logo

Find and retrieve any type of data quickly and easily

Find and retrieve any type of data quickly and easily

Arcasa Arkitekter is capable of handling most kinds of architectural work. Its ability to do so is facilitated by having a partner to provide multifunction document and print solutions across all formats.

Arcasa Arkitekter, Norway

Project implementation

Arcasa Arkitekter is involved in a whole host of new construction, urban design and housing development projects. Since it was founded in 1986, the company has developed into a leading player with a good mix of experienced and young architects offering a range of skill sets. The key aim is to have staff with a broad range of skills able to manage projects from the analysis and conceptual stage to detailed engineering and implementation.

This philosophy has stood Arcasa in good stead in a number of large projects, mainly for private individuals, and as a partner in many exciting building development projects. Premises along the Akerselva river are home to around 40 architects and a small yet efficient admin team. 

Marianne Ruud from the company’s admin explains that virtually everything is focused on architectural work, and that activities can continue pretty much round the clock. “Although all work is carried out using digital tools, print is also a critical factor for ensuring results and forward momentum. This applies to both the admin and the architects, and to the visualization department.

For this reason, it is crucial to have a document handling partner that understands our needs and can respond quickly when we need them to. This is exactly how our collaboration with Konica Minolta works, both in terms of servicing and general monitoring”, she explains. 

Marianne Ruud and Karin Kristiansen are delighted that Konica Minolta is responsible for document handling in all formats. Pictured with the large format color printer.

Finding technical drawings with dokoni FIND

Arcasa’s head office is an old brick building on the banks of the Akerselva, with a history stretching back to the industry’s beginnings in the capital. The interior of the premises has recently been redesigned so that all employees work together in an open plan office set-up. At both ends of the premises is a Konica Minolta bizhub C360, a multifunction solution with color printing and copying in formats up to A3, including scanning. These two MFP solutions provide all employees with a shortcut to printing, copying and scanning. Special A3 color printing is widely used, preferably on 100gsm paper. 

Draftswoman Karin Kristiansen explains that a large scanning project has just been conducted to digitally archive all old hand-drafted projects. “We found that every week, we were needing to hunt down old technical drawings for rebuilding, renovation or other purposes, so we carried out an archiving project whereby a large number of boxes containing old material was scanned in and OCR-read so that all the information is now searchable using the dokoni FIND search tool. Digital access and search functions obviously save a lot of time, and this is where Konica Minolta’s solution really comes into its own”, she explains. 

The partnership with Konica Minolta has been in place for many years. Here, Marianne and Karin from Arcasa’s admin team talk to Thomas Kristiansen from Konica Minolta.

Large color formats

For an architecture firm, it is absolutely essential to have access to formats larger than A3. The visualization department often prepares presentations in wall format, and the architects also need large formats for project work and customer meetings. To ensure this, Konica Minolta works in partnership with Epson, the leading producer of large format color printers using inkjet technology.

Using a powerful Epson large format color printer which is part of the deal with Konica Minolta, Arcasa is able to process all types of print and document handling in-house. “The large format color printer works really well. The visualization of projects and ideas is crucial to the company’s success”, say Marianne and Karin. They also emphasize that having two identical MFP machines provides a range of benefits, both operationally and for users. “They allow more flexible access to the machines, and simplify training, procurement of consumables and servicing. This is now a strategy we will continue to implement in the future”, the two agree.

Expertise = Success

There are many reasons behind Arcasa Arkitekter’s success, but a broad range of skills, competent management and a large implementation capacity are key. The subsidiaries DI (Design og Interiør) and Blår (providing 3D visualization) provide added value whilst managing projects in their own right. The company has taken part in building development projects in Oslo, such as Ringnes brewery, Kværner Lodalen and Fornebu, and in the head offices of companies such as Storebrand, Orkla and Glaxo Smith Klein.

The company has developed a solid foundation for future success. “Choosing a supplier is also a contributing factor, and we will certainly continue our partnership with Konica Minolta”, explain Marianne Ruud and Karin Kristiansen from Arcasa Arkitekter.

dokoni FIND

Enterprise Search is a necessity for today's businesses. Calling up content on demand – whether it is needed as part of a worker's daily workflows or to comply with a regulatory body´s request, answer a customer service inquiry, find a recalled part in a manufacturing environment, replicate part of a proposal for a similar new project or serve one of many other functions – it should be quick and efficient.

Challenge: Give users easy access to all your enterprise data (MS Office files, CAD drawings, Email attachments, Notes databases, CRM and ERP data etc.. Konica Minolta’s dokoni FIND brings all relevant information together in one single data stock and gives office workers fast and easy access to all company data without requiring them to switch between interfaces or applications. dokoni FIND automatically adds all relevant information into one Universal Index and helps users access the information they need, regardless of the format or the repository it is stored in.

Working from a single point of access across all applications, dokoni FIND abstracts content from disparate data stores and helps users find and retrieve any type of data quickly and easily. It unites various connected data stores (both structured and unstructured) and is compatible with 300 popular file formats.

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