Digital mailroom: Controlling the flood of mails

How to boost the efficiency of an organisation with digital mailroom

Solve the challenges of incoming mail

Managing a ceaseless flood of inbound data is an increasing challenge for businesses. Companies must seek to control the influx of both paper and digital documents. The incoming mailbox has to be designed in a way that it helps organise both digital and paper-based inputs and drive productivity. At the same time increasingly rigorous data protection regulations mean the used mail system needs to be compliant. Digital Mailroom solutions can offer significant advantages in both respects, while freeing employees from repetitive administrative tasks. Konica Minolta can help your company to embrace the opportunities presented by digital mailroom, which deals with your electronic and physical mail promptly, and boosts productivity by streamlining the way you respond. 

Whether digital or paper-based, the organisation of inbound mail is becoming a major challenge for companies. The way of processing mail is often still manual and tends to be time consuming and open to human error.  

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How digital mailroom increase your efficiency 

Digital mailroom is a document management solution to all types of mail: both email and incoming post (physical letters). It allows companies to deal with the torrent of data arriving from deliveries and traffic in our inboxes. This could be anything from an invoice or supplier contract, to a customer order, complaint or query. By bringing all this information into the system quickly and accurately, a digital mailroom supports operations, saves time and avoids errors and losses. 

When Konica Minolta works with you to implement this solution, a strong emphasis is placed on reducing costs and the time required for internal postal logistics, as both these factors can be cut massively. 

Fortunately, many companies already have many of the required technologies in place for a Digital Mailroom solution. However, all too often organisations simply lack the appropriate software solution to fully leverage the full potential of technology. Konica Minolta's Digital Mailroom solutions help to bring together a range of often existing technologies to help organisations digitise mail efficiently. All incoming mail can be digitised on existing MFPs, with intelligent software reading out all relevant information and classifying the documents.  

The solutions are capable of automated distribution: whether letter or fax, all documents are captured digitally, automatically classified and forwarded to the employee they are addressed to – reaching them reliably irrespective of whether they are in-house, in a regional office or travelling on business. This also raises the level of user friendliness, as employees are automatically provided with onscreen notifications when there is new mail in their personal digital post box. Documents can be forwarded conveniently or added to existing work processes. This automated mail delivery is executed within seconds and not tied to one fixed location or device so as to enable workplace flexibility.

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How can digital mailroom benefit your business?

Listen to our experts and get an idea how your business can benefit from a digital mailroom solution.

Digital Mailroom

Digital Mailroom

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Benefits of digital mailroom

When all types of mail are digitalised, it leads to more efficient ways of working. The Digital Mailroom speeds up turnaround and processing times significantly. In addition, it improves downstream processes across the company, as up-to-date information is readily available to all workers, including remote and mobile workers. This procedure increases responsiveness and helps free up considerable time that can be used for more valuable, mission-critical tasks. This speedy processing will also free up your colleagues from repetitive administrative tasks. 

In addition, data protection legislation is increasingly rigorous. This means that the systems you use to deal with your paper mail and emails can be key to achieving compliance. A cutting-edge digital mailroom solution will bring you significant advantages in making sure your company stays within regulations. 

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“By using a Digital Mailroom solution you can be sure to eliminate paper processes as much as possible as you are tackling the issue at the point of entry.”




Audit-proof documentation of all processes as key to compliance with data protection regulations such as GDPR 

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Higher transparency through the centralised and digital capture of all incoming documents 

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Increased response times and improving customer satisfaction rates  

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Reduced costs and time for internal postal logistics 

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Up-to-date information readily available to all workers, including remote and mobile workers