PrintShop Mail Connect

One-to-one communication for print and e-mail

This powerful Variable Data Publishing application is tailor-made for print provider and CRD's, who want to engage in one-to-one promotional communication services while also looking to diversify by adopting direct marketing capabilities.

PrintShop Mail Connect offers the advantages of a personalized communication tool that provides simultaneous one-to-one communication for print and e-mail in just one step and can go from simple to complex VDP documents. Unlike similar tools on the market, where e-mailing capabilities are just added as an afterthought, PrintShop Mail Connect was built from the ground up using latest Web technologies.

Simple and straightforward to operate, PrintShop Mail Connect helps improve business processes, increases productivity as well as profitability, and provides interesting new revenue opportunities.

PrintShop Mail Connect workflow

PrintShop Mail Connect

PrintShop Mail Connect

One-to-one marketing

  • Easy implementation of digital delivery
  • Parallel print and e-mail communication

Integration into printing workflows

  • Support of device-specific settings

Multi channel communication

  • Unified data model
  • Ease of use
  • True multi-channel solution
  • 1-on-1 customer communication
  • Leverage the new communication trends

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