Server-based accounting software with quote management and versatile cost-recovery features.

As a sophisticated, server-based printer management and accounting solution, Pcounter helps enterprises and educational organisations accurately monitor the usage of all network printers and assign print, copy, scan and fax costs to projects, departments, users and client accounts. Various optional Pcounter modules offer flexible customisation possibilities.

Pcounter workflow



Central user and role management

  • Central database
  • Integration with user directories
  • Permission templates
  • Centralised authentication management

Budget and quota management

  • Easy quota assignment
  • Periodical quota reset
  • Cash reload terminal (optional)
  • Pcounter Web Cashier (optional)
  • Pcounter Web Pay (optional)

Cost assignment and chargeback

  • Basic print accounting and monitoring
  • Advanced print, copy, scan and fax accounting
  • Automatic tracking
  • Management of pricing tables
  • Pcounter Workstation Manager

Detailed output and cost reporting

  • Report creation
  • Export of reported data
  • Pcounter Web Report (optional)

Additional modules

  • Pcounter Embedded
    Personal print queue access via the bizhub touch screen; embeds functionalities like user authentication, pull-printing and accounting into the device display.
  • Pcounter WebPay
    Lets users recharge their accounts via the Internet without involving staff; an important feature for academic institutions.
  • Pcounter Workstation Manager
    Enables accounting of print jobs sent via direct print by monitoring print activities on devices not connected to Pcounter.
  • Pcounter Custom Data Kit
    Enables Pcounter integration with existing information systems and business processes, by utilising the Pcounter API.
  • Pcounter Web Report
    Easy web-interface access to advanced overviews, reports and graphs; facilitates statistics and analysis from any workstation within the network.
  • Pcounter Web Cashier
    Enables staff without administrator rights to manage Pcounter user accounts from any workstation, e.g. deposit or withdraw money, create user accounts, print receipts, etc.
  • Pcounter Custom Data Kit Connect
    Allows the customer to replace the Pcounter user account balance with an external database or micro-payment solution, which is then used by Pcounter.
  • Pcounter Print Release App
    Lets users of iOS devices print documents from the Pcounter server on a connected MFP of their choice without preselecting a print queue.

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