BENS Server

Adaptation to any printing environment

BENS Server works as a network print server optimising print data streams in order to integrate Konica Minolta output devices into virtually any print environment, for instance SAP. Completely application-independent, BENS Server refines print data to produce the desired results. Barcodes, fonts or Macros can be added and carbon copies created to replace matrix printers or translate proprietary print data streams like Prescribe into standard printer languages. Full flexibility for filters and licences is ensured. At the same time, BENS Server doubles as a smart solution for the creation of user-specific print and document workflows. Its feature set provides valuable support for unified print room management, facilitates the definition of print policies , allows product-based job processing, and supports effective print queue management.

BENS Server workflow

BENS Server

BENS Server

Unified print room management

  • Font processing
  • Macros

Print policies & rules

  • Colour print control
  • Printer fail-over
  • Green print policies
  • Custom rule creation
  • Store a copy of a print job

Product-based job processing

  • Carbon copy
  • Smart document management

Print queue management

  • Central management of
    print queues and settings
  • Flexible queue properties
  • Secure print release
  • Printing anywhere
  • Storage management
  • Basic load balancing

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