BENS Server

Application-independent secure and mobile printing

Offering flexible, clever and scalable print process management, BENS Server is the smart solution for the creation of user-specific print and document workflows as well as secure mobile printing. Working as a network print server, BENS Server optimises print data streams and ensures that Konica Minolta output devices adapt to virtually any print environment, including SAP and AirPrint. Completely application-independent, BENS Server refines mobile print data to achieve desired print results. It combines conversion as well as enhancement capabilities, is easily scalable and offers numerous advantages from small to medium-sized businesses as well as extensive printing facilities: A single BENS Server appliance can support and enhance the feature set of an entire corporate network.

BENS Server workflow

BENS Server

BENS Server

Secure printing

  • Administrator-controlled user access
  • File encryption
  • Follow-me printing
  • Secure print job release
  • Authentication via PIN
  • Authentication via barcode

Flexible job submission

  • Driver print
  • Mobile print

Support of BYOD* corporate policy

  • Multi-vendor solution
  • Printing from mobile device

Support of file formats & output settings

  • Default print output settings

*Bring your own device

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