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Buying and renting property and spaces is a high-involvement process – and so is CRM in real estate

Estate agents are the vital link when it comes to bringing the right properties and spaces together with the right customers. However, the software which should support them in this field often puts the properties – buildings and spaces – at the focus of their processes. This can lead to an imbalance of information if customer data are not connected and managed accordingly. As the relations to the customers are key to qualitative business success, the software used needs to be able to handle them accurately.

Managing customer relationships and property data efficiently

Following Konica Minoltas’ very own business strategy, the all-in-one-solution puts the customer first. for.REALESTATE combines all customer-related activities in one smart solution, optimising sales and marketing, while improving customer services. The seamless integration of all CRM-functionalities, optimised for the real estate business, and the connection to all Microsoft applications benefit every business in this field – no matter if it focuses on real estate or property management.



The blueprint for lasting success and customer relationships

for.REALESTATE is able to deliver all required functionalities. The software builds on three pillars: customer management, property management and addressing your specific requirements. Everything is connected in one place to provide you with an evolved CRM solution. As it is based on future-ready Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, it enables seamless integration into your current IT environment and all Microsoft applications without any problems: reports are displayed in Excel or Power BI, individualised contract-templates can be exported directly to Word, and Outlook is integrated as well.

The core to a CRM solution is digitally managing relations to customers – in real estate business these are predominantly prospects and renters that need to be taken care of. for.REALESTATE connects all contact information to create a complete picture of the customers for the relevant departments. Marketing departments benefit from the solution by using the insights on the prospects (e.g. customer history and marketing lists) for multi-channel-marketing to address everyone optimally. When the right prospects are addressed, the sales team is able to use the gathered data and finish the deal faster and more effectively – the customer journey is supported optimally with insights from for.REALESTATE. After the prospects become your renters, the customer service can use the CRM solution to build a closer connection to them. A digital ticketing system for complaints allows a property manager to act more efficiently and faster – seamless integration with an ERP-system is possible. Renters can be served appropriately by customer service that is empowered with all knowledge needed – improving customer satisfaction noticeably.

The other valuable asset of real estate business remains the properties. Beyond its smart CRM functionalities, for.REALESTATE improves the administration of properties so that the perfect prospects for them can be identified. Spaces can be captured or modelled virtually to offer the customers the best-fitting solution while illustrating it with a visualised stacking plan. Exposés can be created easily with templates and data from for.REALESTATE, too.

for.REALESTATE places customers at the heart of the process, and so does Konica Minolta in implementing it. In order to provide a tailor-made solution, the specific requirements of the customers are evaluated and – according to the results – an individual solution is crafted.

Your advantages

Your advantages
  • for.REALESTATE is an all-in-one-solution for CRM tailored to the sector’s and customers’ needs
  • It unites smart contact management with sales and marketing insights to accompany the customer journey
  • Beyond its CRM functionalities, it is seamlessly integrated into the existing IT environment and connects with all Microsoft software used

Managing all customer-related information and relationships for real estate processes

CRM solutions such as Konica Minolta’s for.REALESTATE find their best use for operations of 20 system users and up, which makes it the ideal for medium-sized and large-scale applications. This is particularly the case if a large number of clients need to be managed, with large airports being one example.

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