Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Building and managing meaningful customer relationships

Leveraging the full potential of your business relationships without handling dozens of physical files – with CRM solutions that make the difference

Keeping information up to date is the basis for meaningful long-term customer relationships. Managing a network of customers and partners therefore requires a system that is able to organise all information in the front end for your business. CRM systems from Konica Minolta provide the digital solution for your needs, no matter what the industry or department.

Your business network, including the relationships to customers, partners etc., is a priceless asset for your business. Many departments would not be able to perform on the level they could without managing their contacts properly. Sales, marketing and customer service need a reliable CRM system to assist them in managing and addressing their respective contacts accurately and seamlessly.


We provide you with business software that integrates all your contacts in one clear solution. With smart functionalities and AI support, you are able to gain insights on your contact groups in order to address them in the best possible way and on a more personal level. By moving your CRM into the cloud, we empower your company with a flexible and scalable technology that is able to grow with your business. As the number of policies for data and cyber security like GDPR increase, the solutions we offer enable your information management to meet all regulations, making your CRM compliant for the future.


Our portfolio of CRM solutions is based on Dynamics 365 by Microsoft, which we individually adapt based on your requirements. Our solutions help you to leverage the full potential of your customer relationship management processes to consolidate business in your front end.

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