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DryPro 832

Laser printer

  • Time to first print approx. 50 secs.
  • Compact design
  • True laser technology (not thermal)
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Laser printer

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  • Environment-friendly design:

    The excellent low-noise design assures a pleasant environment. The actual running noise has been tuned to a low tone with a reduced high-temperature range, so that it gives the impression of being quieter than it actually is.

  • Five Film sizes:

    Five film sizes are supported (14×17", 14×14", 11×14", 10×12", and 8×10") optionally, by installing an additional film supply tray, two film sizes can be used at the same time, for example, 14×17" and 11×14", or 14×17" and 8×10"

  • Stable operation without HDD:

    With the DRYPRO 832, we have eliminated the hard drive and introduced a design where the essential system software is run from compact flash memory and image data is managed by an external computer, thereby contributing to stable operation.

  • User-friendly:

    The DRYPRO 832 is very user friendly. It is easy to use, warms up quickly, and is very quiet. A clearly visible status light changes colour to indicate “Ready”, “Printing”, and “Film Empty” conditions.

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DryPro 832 Key Features

The DRYPRO 832 is more than just a compact printer. It delivers excellent productivity, a time to first print of 50 seconds and support of five film sizes.

  • hc_feature_icon_laser

    Laser technology

  • hc_feature_icon_silence

    Low noise design

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  • Fast throughout

    Fast throughput

  • hc_features_icon_trays

    Up to 2 trays

Specifications & Downloads

Specifications & Downloads
Laser Source Semiconductor laser
Film Size 14”×17” (35×43cm), 14”×14” (35×35cm), 11”×14” (28×35cm),
10”×12” (25×30cm) and 8”×10” (20×25cm) selectable
Film Dry Imaging recording film SD-Q/SD-QC
Image Format 1,2,4,6,8,9,12,15,16,20,24,25,30,35,36,42,48,54,60,63,64
Image Memory Print memory (64MB/standard)
Pixel Size 78.6μm (320dpi)
Image data input 8bit/12bit
Output gradation 16384 levels (14bits)
Image Mode Pixel replication/Function interpolation process
Processing capability More than 90 sheets/hour
First Printing Time less than 50sec
Input interface Ethernet 10 base-T/100 base-TX/1000base-T
External connection Connection to external computer
Supply 1 Tray (standard) 2 Tray maximum (optional)
Border processing Black/White
Trimmed frame Available
Density correction Automatic via built-in densitometer
Positive/negative Available
Operating condition 15-30℃ (59-86F) 30-70% RH
Power UL:120V AC±10% 60Hz±1Hz 10A
CE:220-240V AC±10% 50-60Hz± 1Hz 6A
Heat generation UL:1200KJ/H or less
CE:1400KJ/H or less
Noise Level In print Mode:53 dB or less
In standby mode:46 dB or less
Dimensions W599×D585×H570mm *with 1 Tray
W599×D585×H722mm *with 2 Tray
Footprint 0.35m⊃2;
Weight approx. 95kg (209lb) *with 1 Tray
approx. 117kg (258lb) *with 2 Tray
Power Cable, Operation Manual, Cutter (for film loading)
Accessories Power Cable, Operation Manual, Cutter (for film loading)