80 years in Konica Minolta!


Joerg can remember his early days with the company very well: “I started my career as a Sales Representative at Konica in Mannheim. The first thing I have done was to participate in a 4-week sales training. This was the best training ever and honestly: it changed my life. The training was led by two high professional sales trainers - Matthias Bonse and Martin Böckelmann – and I realized more or less immediately that working as a trainer myself is what I would like to do. However, without any experience in the sales department, it would not have been possible to change to the sales training department. Therefore, I decided to learn all about sales first and to become a successful sales representative first. One and a half years later my dream came true and I had the chance to change into the sales training department.” Now, Joerg is managing the entire Konica Minolta Academy providing best training to internal colleagues and sales partners.

Markus worked as a Sales Training expert for the printing division before he started to develop and plan training for Konica Minolta´s latest technological innovation - Workplace Hub - together with cross-functional teams. Happy participants and contributing to the overall achievements of the company – this is Markus´ answer when being asked his definition of success and he adds: “My Team and I are successful, if our participants have a great benefit from the trainings and enables them to act.”

And what about challenges? For Bernd, “the biggest challenge was to learn about working in an intercultural environment, because this was the first time for me to interact not only with German colleagues but also with Japanese colleagues”. Continuous support of the colleagues, the openness and the team spirit made him overcome the challenges, in a very short period of time. “I was amazed about the kindness, helpfulness, openness and professionalism of all my colleagues from various countries”, Bernd says. And with regards to his 20 years of experience with Konica Minolta, he adds: “There are great colleagues, support from my managers, fantastic products Konica Minolta offers to our customers, and a work environment that enables me to use my knowledge, to expand it and to put ideas into practice.”

Talking about values, customer-centricity is a lived value in Konica Minolta and it is in our DNA. Wiebke´s ambition is “always to help and support as much as possible”, dealing  with external and internal participants, managers and colleagues in the Training Administration every day.

So what are the ingredients for 20 years working in Konica Minolta? Great colleagues, support from managers, fantastic products and services, a work environment that enables people to use their knowledge, expend ideas and put them into practice, and a constantly changing, challenging and innovative environment…These are just a few of the ingredients that make our colleagues enjoy working in Konica Minolta for 20 years and…. still counting J

In one sentence, what does Konica Minolta mean for them?

  • Bernd Scheibner: “Konica Minolta is a great company that offers a lively and secure workplace, where committed employees do their job. I am proud to be part of Konica Minolta.”
  • Wiebke Ostermeier: “For me, Konica Minolta is an innovative company with vision and a reliable company with consistency.”
  • Joerg Libal: “A workplace where I can live my passion”
  • Markus Wagner: “Konica Minolta is for me the employer who has given me over the last 20 years all possibilities to develop myself. I have the feeling of stability and security and I always have challenges, which develop me.”