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Digitalisation of business processes
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The users of today’s technologies want to be flexible and able to scale functions as they need them, while working mobile. So we give our customers a holistic, result-driven user experience.

Jaromir Sponar and Mattias Hagelin

global partnerships
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We have entered an era where business success is mainly shaped by global collaboration, mutual involvement and co-innovation.

Anne Courtine

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We see our role as a long-term trusted adviser who is always there for you – not only to build up tailored security solutions, but also to maintain and develop them as well as assist in the event of crisis management.

Jan Harste and Florian Goldenstein

professional printing
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How do you commit to a long-term machine investment in a market that is as dynamic as industrial printing today?

Mateusz Wozniak,Thorsten Kinnen, Diogo Esteves